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Judy Walker, New Orleans, LA

and Jill Elliott, Coweta, OK

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

September 2017


Judy Walker is my neighbor in New Orleans, who happens also to be a quilter.  She is also the retired Food editor for the Times-Picayune, the major newspaper in New Orleans.  I was lucky enough to interview her when her sister, Jill Elliot, was in town.  They were delightful.  Their family is so into quilting that they have stared a family quilt guild, the Claxton Family Quilt Guild.  They take regular retreats with both sides of their families. Quilting is literally the fabric that binds the family together (I had to write that!)


We conducted the interview in Judy's studio, on the second floor of her house.  It's filled with fabric, sewing machines, projects, and even has a washer and dryer!  


They talk about their extensive quilting life, particularly after Judy retired two years ago.  Judy also discusses the social aspects of quilting and the important role of community and quilting in New Orleans.  Jill also talks about the beginning of the Coweta Friendship Quilt Guild (with 75 members) as a way to extend her community beyond her family and church.  



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