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Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date June 2018

Karen talks to us about her quilting life, making a Tardis door cover, and all fo the copyright notices she keeps finding on patterns, and what they mean.

Here is her bio: "

Karen lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Her first experiment with quilting occurred in 2009 when she decided it would be fun to make a colorful dust cover for her sewing machine.  After some improvisational patchwork, she had no idea how to finish the project.  Karen soon found herself buying books, signing up for online classes, and watching online quilt tutorials.  Beautiful fabrics and unlimited opportunity for creativity hooked her on quilting.


Today, she enjoys designing, piecing, and free motion quilting.  Karen likes to mix traditional and modern elements in her quilts, and she loves to interact with other quilters online and at quilt shows.  Her quilting diary/blog is  The name is a nod to her and her husband's professional field (astronomy and space physics), and it alludes to "flashes of inspiration" that spark ideas and lead us on new creative journeys. 



Notes from Interview:


"16 Sweet Purples" is the quilt that was inspired by Sarah Hawkins' "Sun and Sky" quilt.  I made a slide-and-dice tutorial for this quilt:


The main TARDIS door is done! Now I just have to make a partial door to complete the installation and hide the interior of the water heater closet.  The partial door will need to be installed so that it is "cracked open" enough to allow sufficient air flow."





Frankstein batting

copyright issues with quilts that she is making

Inspired by...

borrowing ideas

blogging for fun

Tardis door cover fan art

Karen and I discussed copyright notices on patterns.  I would love to continue the discussion with her.

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