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Leah Day - Hello My Quilting Friends

Interviewed by ​Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date January 2017

Leah Day is an Internet sensation.  She titles herself as an Online Quilting Instructor.  She is an award-winning quilter.  She is an entrepreneur.  She teaches people how to quilt, piece, and be confident in their abilities.  Her name is famous in the quilting world.   She runs a successful business, with assistance from her husband and father.   Here is her bio.  I am interested in chatting with her about building the Leah Day empire.



Online quilting teacher

Your quilting generation and the quilting industry

Entrepreneurial approach

Long-reach with free tutorials on FMQ

Quilt Shop:  Her approach to her online store

Strategy with online videos and books

"Hello my quilting friends"

Your logo


The quilting world

Social MeMedia

Podcast:  goal of the podcast cast.  How is that different from your other interactions?

Role of social media

365 Free Motion Quilting Designs: should I take that challenge? 

Award-winning quilter

 How to Piece Perfect Quilts:  what about this one?

Your typical day


Business model

Working with your husband and your dad

The Shop

Where does one start:  shopping at


The Goddess Art Quilts

Shed renovations

Partnership with the Grace company for Sunday Sitdown

Logistics:  podcast and videos

Publications of books and videos

Thoughts about the quilting industry

Who is your audience?  Demographics



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