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Mattie Rhodes Haines - Quiltsmart​

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date December 2017


Ok. We've been working on the samples that Mattie sent from Quiltsmart.  We're ready for the interview.  This is a company that creates printed interface to make quilting easier.  I've been working on the double wedding ring pattern.  The Quilting Army has more to try. 


I made a double wedding ring quilt before the interview, trying the technique.  It was really fun. (Below is photos of my experience.  Even I couldn't mess this up -- and I have a tendency to drift off the direction highway...) 


Her system is great for beginnings, people like me that can't seem to stay on course, and anyone wanting to make a Mondo bag.




The technique of interfacing and quilting

The Mondo bag 

Being a Quilt Entepreneur


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