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Melanie McNeil, quilter

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date April 2018


Melanie came to us through an article by Abby Glassenberg about Just Wanna Quilt.  She is now part of our Quilting Army! Melanie makes medallion quilts, and she even sent us a small one as a present.  She has a blog at

Here's some more info about Melanie:

"Melanie McNeil is a quilter, designer, writer, and teacher, who specializes in making medallion quilts. After making her first quilt in 2003, she swore she would never make another. Now, hundreds of quilts later, she might never stop. She grew up in a family of creative people, and went on to earn degrees in finance and economics. She see medallion quilts as the perfect way to bridge her analytical and aesthetic sides. She blogs about the design and construction strategies that assure their success, and she encourages others to find the power of creativity. Besides these special quilts, she also loves quilt history and the stories that lead us to today’s rich quilting culture.


She blogs at Melanie is an active volunteer and long-time member of the Old Capitol Quilters Guild. Currently she serves as guild president and also on the program committee. She lives in eastern Iowa with her husband Jim."








Write about quilting on blog:

encourage people to design their own quilts

Medallion quilts

Investment Manager/Creative part



Green quilting







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