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Olivia Beatty of Cat on my Quilt

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date May 2018

Olivia is part of our quilting army.  She also sells patterns on Craftsy.

Here are some links to her work and patterns:

Here is her bio:

About Olivia Beatty

My Love of Quilting and Design

I was first introduced to sewing by my grandmother as a small child, later in my teens I dabbled in some garment sewing and home décor alongside my mother who has always encouraged me.

I started quilting when I was twenty. My interest was sparked by my husband’s grandmother (Granny) and the TV program “Simply Quilts”.  She had a long history and real passion for traditional quilts. Granny gave me my first machine, rotary mat and cutter, all of which is essential for any young sewer starting out. I didn’t really know how to follow a pattern as the books granny had given me had templates and no mention of rotary cutting. However after watching an episode of Eleanor Burns on “Simply Quilts” and learning how these tools can be used, I decided to design my own pattern.  So with what I learned and the tools I needed in hand I began drafting medallion like patterns on graph paper with colored pencils. 

For several years I continued to design and make quilts for family and friends. Along the way I bought a new sewing machine and introduced EQ7 software into my design process. 

Having a back ground in art; I have always enjoyed the artist color, shapes and geometrical design of quilts. Designing a quilt pattern to me is as enjoyable as making them. When I discovered a market for quilt designs, I realized how much have to share. Then I found/joined Craftsy.

I currently have several quilts designs for sale and I continue to learn more from the quilting community about design, printing and distribution. I am also looking to increase my use of social media platforms to expand my business. 

I am currently employed as a full time Florist and part time Quilt Designer.






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