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Philipa Hayward Core

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date March  2018


Philipa comes to us from Australia.  We met through our FB group.  She talks to us about her quilting life.

Her's her short bio:


Born in New South Wales Australia in 1959, I grew up in country NSW the youngest of 8 children. I went to teachers college in Sydney and then went teaching first in rural NSW and then on an island in the Gulf of Carpentaria, off the coast of the Northern Territory. There I met the man who became my husband. When he was transferred to Sydney I followed him back and we were married shortly afterwards. We only had a year in Sydney before we were transferred to a mining community in Central Queensland. Whilst we were there my husband bought me an electric sewing machine but it wasn’t till we moved to another mining town in Central Qld that I had the time to learn to use it. I did a stretch knit course and became an avid sewer making clothes for myself and our two children (and sometimes something for my husband) 2 more children later I was invited to join a patchwork class and the rest is history.

I became an avid patchworker. I gradually took over the rumpus room that had been our children’s play area. They have all gone now and its all mine. Well I let my husband in to sit on the couch and watch tv. (he keeps me supplied with coffee and meals so he’s a keeper)"







Her quilting life in Australia






Screenshot 2018-12-10 08.16.11.png

1. Straight Circles, from a workshop 2 3 and 8 banners I have made for our church 4 a quilt I co ordinated the making of for my mum on her 80th birthday. Each of her 8 children made (or had made for them) a block and the centre one commemorated her and dad. 5 is a quilt that my sister in law designed the embroideries, my mum did the embroideries, I pieced and had a friend quilt. 6 tshirt quilt I made for myself. (All my kids and husband have one too) 7 an applique quilt and 9 is my first quilt.

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