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Project Plans

Interview Phases


Season 1: 


General Interviews:  get to know the landscape of the quilting world.  unstructured interviews across the field.

Starting in November 2017, ETG began interviewing all kinds of people in the industry -- famous quilters, regular quilters, industry, inventors, podcasters, Internet sensations, lawyers, law professors, designers, non-profits, and so much more.  We've now done over 150 interviews and broadcast almost 100.  Some were off the record.  Others had sound problems.  We lost two.  


What did we learn?  A lot.  This will be the beginning of the project.  We will continue to do general interviews throughout season 2, but we will also do some focused interviews too. We also looked a little into online communities, shows, guilds, and charity work.  Those explorations will continue.

Season 2: 


General Interviews:   these will continue, especially with the Quilting Army.


Target Specific Areas of the Industry

   1.  Large Corporations/Companies

   2.  Museums

  3.  Historians (we've interviewed a few)

  4.  Sewing Machines

  5. Distributors

  6.  Publishing and Media

  7.  Licensing esp from content owners

  8. Batting (somehow we didn't get to this yet)

  9.  University-based programs and Independent study groups

10.  Guilds


Quilt Entrepreneurs: work on the IP Lab for quilt and crafters, and the Quilt Workshop.  We are trying to get an educational component too.


The goal(s) of the Project:  Understand the quilting industry and the role of intellectual property, custom, and economics.  Begin writing in August.


Quilting Army

Famous to average

Returning guests to the show

I used to want to be a large army.  My thoughts have changed.  A mighty army seems awesome.  We now at the end of our first year have 600 members in our FB group.  The group is strong and fun.  The goal for the second year is to build up the Quilting Army -- having people participate in a variety of ways, and spread out to grow the podcast.


The Show

Ideally, daily.  Professional sound mixer.  Social media team.

Sponsorship to support the running of the podcast

More than me interviewing.  

Me as Host

Quilting Army - experiencing samples and other products



Research Samples


Sponsorship for field trips

Store of "Things we Like" from our Research Samples


Cruises/Retreats with the base with famous people

How do we make money off of the store?  "things we like" -- coupons.  do we get a percentage?  do we have to carry the merchandise?  selling from a Tulane project.    Proceeds go to helping the JWQ research project.

When I review this list we have done a great deal of it this year.  We have research samples.  We have general sponsorship.  We are working on a Quilt Workshop.  We are working on a store.  We are working on books.  We have had coupons and giveaways.  we are still working on sponsorship for field trip.



So much happened in a year.  I'll write about it soon.  But it's been a big year.  More than the list.  




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