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Quilt Law provides resources for quilters, crafters, and other creatives .  Our view:  do as much DIY as you can, and then work with a lawyer familiar with quiltings, crafts and other creative works to provide better access to legal advice, and also lower your bills.  

Two Subscription levels:

Basic (for entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and start-ups) $15 a month

Just getting started?  Are you creating patterns, teaching, and/or responsible for copyright for your guild?  This is the package for you.

  • DIY Copyright, Trademark and Patent Information  including how to register a copyright, tools for creating copyright notices, and other common situations

  • Basic Annotated Templates for Teaching Contracts 

  • Access to Experts' List (Addition $ for experts)

  • Bonus:  Introductory Copyright Workbook for Your Patterns

Industry (for professionals and established companies) $75 a month

This is a professional service to keep you appraised of the latest social media and IP legal issues related to your business, provide access to legal tools, and help keep your IP in good working order.  Ideal for any size company that believes their intellectual property is something important to protect.

  • All of the Basic Services Above

  • Industry-Specific Quarterly Newsletter regarding key legal social media and Intellectual Property issues (e.g. Legal Issues in Giveaways, Trademarking Hashtags, and FCC Requirements that Companies should know when working with Brand Ambassadors and Bloggers)

  • ER tools for notice and take down/cease and desist

  • Specialized Tools for IP Issues 

  • Initial IP Evaluation and Checklist  ($300 value)

  • 25% off Annual IP Check Up 

  • 25% off consulting and experts in our network

Why Just Wanna Quilt's Quilt Law?  We've been looking into quilting for the last two years as part of the Copyright Research Lab @ Tulane Law School.  Through our research, we've designed two tiers that provide key elements related to intellectual property within a social media and brick-and-mortar world.  

What we think is important:

  1. Do your homework.  Intellectual property is the law that protects all of the creative things you do.  Understand it.  Know it.  Be prepared.

  2. Have a plan.  We have seen over and over that weird things come up.  If you already have a plan, and have done the work, you are in in a better position when things like copyright infringement come up.  

  3. Create a Team.  We're here to help you build a team, and to have resources when you need others.  No scrambling.  No panic.  And know upfront the costs. 

  4. DIY.  We are creators.  We want to do it ourselves.  So, we've designed something that allows you to do that.  And when you need help, we have created a list of experts who list their fees (transparency) to help you with your legal and other expert needs.

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