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Our First Class Spring 2017

The IP and Entrepreneurship course in the Spring of 2017 was amazing.  They helped to conveive of and launch the podcast on Feb 5, 2017.  It was during this class that we came up with the name, the logo, and our first giveaway.  We learned how to get a podcast up and running on Spreaker, and register it on iTunes. 

Allison Higgins

Social Media Coordinator

Abigail Perkins

Social Media

Christopher Blexrud


Tomi Aina

Senior Content Manager

Corrie Dutton

Senior Research Coordinator

Ricardo Gonzalez

Senior Research Coordinator

Will Prorok


Breard Snellings

Podcast Quality Assurance

Christopher Gonzalez-Tablada

iTunes Team

Eric Hamilton

Live Launch

Eric Hamilton

Live Launch

Marisa Andrews

Facebook Team

Ravi Varma


Kerianne Strachan

Social Media

Miki Onwudingo

Public Relations

Miki Onwudingo

Public Relations

Stan Sater


Kyle Gross


Rachael Buckley

Treasurer/Social Media

Aaron Coffey


Thomas Lemler


Tomi Suzuki

Marketing Pitch Deck

Corey Friedman

Facebook Team Assistant

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