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Rob Appell of Man Sewing

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date March  2018


Rob Appell of Man Sewing joins us.  We met him at Quilt Festival when he dropped by the Just Wanna Quilt booth.  Now he is on the podcast!  Here is an example of his videos

Let's look at the video

- social media (and the role)

- Newsletter

- supplies for this project

- Relationships with products? How do you chose?

- supplies in the video.  Are you conscious of what you are using?






Screenshot 2018-12-11 21.40.31.png


How Man Sewing began

Relationship with Missouri Star

the videos: the topics, the production ,the music


Quilting retreats

Men quilting

Social Media

Morro Bay, California

The Cotton Ball (purchased by Lori Stollmeyer Ran in 2012)

Applique/Heat n Bok lite


Role of Travel in your life

Endangered Species Quilts

Quilted Seascapes


logo/name: mansewing

Man Sewing Shop in Hamilton

Managing stress





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