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Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date May 2018

Sara Trail is the Executive Director of Social Justice Sewing Academy.  She wrote her first book at 13, "Sew with Sara," and her own DVDs at 15.  She designed two fabric collections.  She attended UC Berkeley, where she made a quilt in memory of Trayvon Martin.  She says that it was this moment that social justice and sewing came together.  She went to Harvard for graduate school in education.


Here is the "Go Fund Me" links: 





How do you advocate for art through social justice and social change?

Role of Youth


Community Quilt Process 

- Step 1 SJSA Workshops 

- Step 2 Embrodiery Volunteers

- Step 3  Piecing the Quilt Top

- Step 4 - Long arming (Nancy)

- Step 5 - Sharing the Message

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