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Scott Fortunoff, Jaftex

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date February  2018


Scott is the president of five (yes) fabric companies: A.E. Nathan Co., Blank Quilting Corp, Studioe, Fabric Editions, and Henry Glass Fabrics.  He's headquartered in New York, and he is a fourth generation owner of fabric companies.  He's been doing two additional things recently: giving away sewing machines he purchases to people in need and to charities, and he is helping the industry to regroup and rebuild.  He calls it the #sewrevolution "where I push people in the industry to help promote quilting which has been trending down for all too long."  He also has an executive FB page and he blogs.

A week or so after the interview, it was announced that Jaftex was buying Free Spirit -- who houses big designers like Tula Pink and Kaffe Fassett.  Super cool!  Amazing!  Big big big news. 

Part 2:

We are excited to chat with Scott again!  Listen to the podcast where Scott on Sit and Sew talks about FreeSpirit

Freespirit Fabrics

How is FreeSpirit similar or different to the other companies?

The New office (each company have different offices?)

The fabric samples You sent

What we should think about with the industry

Next steps

Social Media and their role

Inside fabric industry

The Role of Market

What we should be looking at

Role of Intellectual property in each step of the process 





Family history 

What is/was jobbing?  Printed Flannelettes?

Sewing machine giveways/contest - Eversewn

Licensing fabric

Process of fabric

How the companies differ

The market

Polka dots

The lines of fabrics

The designers of fabrics

How is the fabric made?

The life of fabric - what happens if it doesn't sell

The economics


The role of Quilt Market and Schoolhouses

Role of Social Media​

Atenathan (Fleece, Flannels and Quilting)

Blank Quilting 

   Designers (tell us about how you get them, what they do, economics, etc)

   Fabric Collections

  Henry Glass

   Studio E

   Fabric Editions  (my favorite)

   3 Wishes (for shops)

Airlite Batting​






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