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Seth Hackler

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date February 2018


I joined "Quilting on a Budget" FB group, and fell in love with the philosophy and the kindness of the group.  It turns out the group was started by Seth Hackler.  We found some time to chat about the FB group, being a man-quilter, and other aspects of his quilting life.  About the pictures he sent in: "The purple patchwork was made for my wife who loves purple. The other purple quilt was made from the scraps of her quilt.. the baby quilt was made for my lil girl."


The other quilt -- the beautiful, colorful quilt -- is made from his mother's scrubs.  His mother worked in the medical field, quilted (that's how they bonded -- at least one way), and passed away a few years ago.  This was his memorial piece, using her scrubs.  He talks about it in the interview.


Here's what he wrote in an email that he allowed me to share: "This took me two years to make.  There were times I sat down and was able to quilt fine, and other times I would sit for five minutes and start crying. I took time to find a pattern I liked. This quilt is a disappearing nine patch. So I knew what I wanted when I started, and so it wasn't too hard to make the first cut. But there were times I was smacked with the reality that these are mom's clothes. I have them because she is gone. It was moments like that that are tough. Yesterday would have been her 58th birthday. So being able to share this quilt and the story behind it is kinda bittersweet.  The hardest part of the whole thing to me was finishing it after I quilted it. The binding is all hand sewn and I kept getting the feeling like this was coming to an end. Most people are happy to finish a quilt.  To me, this was how I dealt with depression from losing my mom. So the idea of being done left me with a feeling of “what now”...


But I sleep with it every night and at some point, I will put it up and save it for my girls. I still have some scraps left so at some point I will make another one as well."


His mom is pictured with his older daughter.

The baby: "My daughter...was born one month after my mother passed and her receiving blanket was made from mom's scrubs so that she was still there and apart of it."






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