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Sherri Ashford

Copper Canyon Quilting

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard in December 2017



Copper Canyon Quilting was at Quilt Market/Festival.   I love their slogan: "from couch to quilting".  I'm curious to find out what it means.  The shop includes classes, sit and sews, embroidery, and long-arm quilting.   Their classes are super reasonable - $20 a class.  I'm hoping to chat with Sherri about the business model.  I wish I could go sit in on their classes.  They sound like a lot of fun!


Here's their opening video of the shop. They just opened it!





Quilt Market/Festival

What is "Copper Canyon Quilting"?

Components of running of quilting business

Costs of running a quilting business

Role of classes


Building a following

Role of social media:  Facebook, YouTube, Instagram

Block Parties

Strip Clubs

Geneva's Corner

The quilts in the shop

"From Couch to Quilting"

Sarah NcNary  - Making bags - the Boxy Tote Class (YouTube videos)

The Shop Layout (there's a couch!)


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