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Sherry Songhurst

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date December 2017



I met Sherry at Quilt Market.  She was the one that kept me out of the Quilt Exhibit until the exact time when it was open.  Yes, she was acting as part of the staff that is with the guards.  She is part of the Piece Corps at Quilts, Inc., who take care of the quilts.  It's an honored position.   So, then, every day for about a week and a half I would see Sherry, keeping the quilts safe.  We would chat.  And by the end of Quilt Market (not even Festival), she had joined the Quilting Army.  She is fantastic.  


This is the initial interview so that you can get to know Sherry.  She will talk about


  • Piece Corps

  • An estate experience recently

  • Her experience with Quilt Guilds

  • Her quilting life

  • Learning to sew in 4-H

  • Quilting for the Bicentennial 

  • Patchwork Quilts

  • Hand quilting

  • Working for Quilts, Inc.

  • Charity Quilting





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