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Sponsor the Podcast

Sponsorship spots play for a week at the beginning of all of our shows (220+ episodes).    What's happening in the clubhouse this week?  We feature your product, event, or website.   


Your sponsorship includes the following:

- A mention at the beginning of every show on Just Wanna Quilt for the week(s).

- Social media posts about your event, product or website.

- The Quilting Army too!  If you let us know about the event, or send us sample products, we will micro-influence with our group.  We share the love.

We also love to interview about your product and/or events.  If you would like to be considered to be interviewed, we need more information, and we ask that you send a sample of what you are going to discuss beforehand so that we can experience it, and have better questions.

Contact Elizabeth directly for rates.

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