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Gigi's Gypsy Wife Quilt-along

Co-sponsored by Just Wanna Quilt Project @ Tulane Law School, and Uptown Needle and Craftworks

Gigi Baay has graciously agreed to run our quilt-along:  Jen Kingwell's Gypsy Wife pattern.

It starts July 1 and runs through December 15.

Buy the pattern!  Emma @ Uptown Needle and Craftworks ordered a bunch.  Call her (we're going old school).  Her number is:

You can also get it at Amazon and other places.  Purchasing the pattern is how Jen Kingwell makes her money.  So, make sure to be respectful and buy the pattern!!!  It's the best way to support our quilt pattern designers.  And of course, making and loving their patterns.

About Uptown Needle and Craftworks. A cool shop on Magazine Street, where you can sew, learn to sew, and do all kinds of crafts.  They even have free open sew time throughout the week.  (Call the store!).  So, if you are having problems with a block, just drop by or call.  Someone is there is to help.    (504) 302-9434

4610 Magazine Street, New Orleans LA 70115

About Gigi:  Gigi has been sewing her whole life, has run a sewing business, and is one of the most positive, encouraging people I know.  She helped me make three jackets with sleeves and even zippers (that's how we met)!  I cannot think of a better person to get us through this pattern.  She will be making videos, holding local gathering and help sessions at Uptown Needle and Craftworks, and we're even going to try to hold some virtual sessions too!

What is a Quilt-Along?

Everyone makes their own quilt.  We all have a time-table to help us stay on track and finish. We also have the support of each other, knowing we are all trying to stay on track and finish.  

It's Cool, It's Doable, We need Gigi

So, I've tried Jen Kingwell patterns before.  They are fun, but a little bit confusing.  Gigi and others who have already done this will help us through.  We're going to take it block by block.

What's you color palette?

There are so many ways this pattern can be done.  Look at Pinterest and you will see! (Type "Gypsy Wife Quilt" and 1000s come up).  


There is a coloring sheet available from Chelsea and the team at Pink Door Fabrics. It is not necessary to do this but it may help in color placement especially if you’re doing a scrappy quilt. .

Paper Piecing

Some of the patterns will be easier to construct with paper piecing.  Here are links to the Crazy Anne, Nurses Cross, and Old Maid.  These can be found at


Another paper piecing block is the Pershing block. Here is a link from Julie Hirt at 627 handworks.


Filler Blocks

The pattern calls for 54 filler blocks.  What does this mean?  Gigi will tell us soon.  But here, in the meantime, is a post by Ali of Needle Down may help with placement of filler blocks.  Here is a link


The information in this packet is adapted from GnomeAngel’s webite from 2017.


Gigi's Schedule

Gigi is our Drill Sargeant.  She's going to keep us on task.  So, here's the schedule.   Take it away, Gigi!!!!​

June 15-30:  Collect your fabric!  Go online to see what others have done.  The possibilities are endless.  We will have a blog on the Just Wanna Quilt website for you to follow for inspiration.


Week 1  July 1-7: Color Wheel- make 1


Week 2  July 8-14: Pershing- make 1


Week 3  July15-21:  From the Heart- make 1


Week 4  July 22-28: Hope from Hartford- make 1


Week 5  July 29-Aug. 4:  Crazy Anne- make 1


Week 6  Aug. 5-11: Star block- make 1


Week 7  Aug. 12-18- BREAK/ catch-up/filler blocks


Week 8  Aug. 19-25: Indian Hachet- make 1


Week 9  Aug. 26-Sept 1: Puss in the corner- make 2


Week 10  Sept. 2-8:  Nurses Cross- Make 1


Week 11  Sept. 9-15: Half Square Triangle- make 2


Week 12  Sept. 16-22: Old Maid Puzzle- make 2


Week 13  Sept. 23-29: pinwheel- make 5


Week 14  Sept. 30- Oct. 6: BREAK/ catch-up/ filler blocks


Week 15  Oct. 7-14: Courthouse steps- make 5


Week 16  Oct. 14-20: Hourglass blocks- make 3


Week 17  Oct. 21-27: Square in a Square- make 35 


Week 18  Oct.28- Nov. 3: Square in a square pinwheel- make 1


Week 19  Nov. 4-10: Square in a square bordered- make 5


Week 20  Nov. 11-17:  Square in a square Courthouse- make 6


Week 21  Nov.18-24: BREAK/ catch-up/ filler blocks


Week 22 Nov. 25- Dec. 1: Square in a square in a square- make 1


Week 23  Dec. 2-8:  Construction: sections 1-5


Week 24  Dec. 9-15  Construction: sections 6-10



There are 58 filler blocks needed.  We have scheduled time for making a few at a time that will help in the long run with construction.  Also cutting the strips as you’re cutting other items will prevent a ton of cutting before construction.


I will be sending reminders to our group as each week progresses.  Hopefully we can all stay on schedule and by Christmas have a beautiful quilt to share.  

Make sure to sign up for the email so that Gigi can contact you weekly!!!

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