This site includes links and information about products but at this time Just Wanna Quilt receives no compensation. Research supplies were donated to the Copyright Research Lab for research purposes only, and are discussed on the podcast for purposes of understanding the product, the underlying intellectual property, and the world of quilting and quilt entrepreneurialism.

Research Sponsors

As part of our project, companies, designers, and others have generously donated items to assist in our research.  Our list is growing everyday.  If you would like to be a research sponsor, contact us .  You send us samples so that we can experience what you do, and think about the intellectual property elements too.  We interview you.  We have fun!  This is not a review of your product, but a means to better understand the quilting industry.  We do not share anything negative or controversial with the general public.  We here to learn.  If you send us research materials, we can provide you with a letter for tax-deductible purposes from Tulane University.


For more information, contact Janice Sayas, Senior Program Manager, Tulane Center for IP Law and Culture, Copyright Research Lab, Just Wanna Quilt Project.  

Shop Friends

We love quilt shops.  These are the shops that have been willing to literally let us in -- talk to us about what they do and why they do what they do.  If you are a shop and would like to be interviewed and be part of our shop friends, email us !  We're still thinking through what our JWQ Shop Friends Network will be.











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If you are a non-profit and would like us to learn more about your group, please email Janice Sayas and let her know!


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