Susan Blexrud

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date February 2018



Susan is the mother of our Producer and 2L law student, Chris Blexrud!  So, I'm thrilled to learn about her quilting life.   



Here's her words on "Why I quilt":


I love quilting because it’s a tradition in the mountains.  In the 19th Century, women cut the good sections out of old clothing and frayed bed linens and fashioned the pieces together to make something beautiful.  I look at quilting as a metaphor for life.  We all have our attributes and our foibles.  The trick is to gather the good and assemble it, discarding the throwaways.  Heaven knows, I have regrets, but I try to piece together all the good in my life.  When I make a quilt, I think about choosing all the most vibrant fabrics and how they work in symmetry.  Together, they are supported and complete, more than the sum of their parts.  


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