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Sylvia Schaefer -

Flying Parrot Quilts

City, State


Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

November 30, 2017


Sylvia Schaefer is a designer and quilter, who is the current 2017 Quilt Designer Fellowship at  


She has a Ph.D. in Marine Science and she's been quilting/designing patterns since 2007.


She's been interviewed before.

Here is her interview at Me Being Crafty

Here are two podcasts at Fresh Quilting

Here is her story at 


I saw her booth at Quilt Market and fell in love with her science bookcase quilt.   It was one of my few purchases at Houston.  Here it is at







Topics of the Interview

Ph.D. work/Quilting work (and her style)

Your quilting life 

Building a career as a pattern designer


Branding (and re-branding?) and role of social media

Quilt Market Experience

The Mechanics of Her Work: designing on Electric Quilt; Quilting on a Home Machine; other tools

IP Issues:  copyright, trademark, etc. (creation/protection/sharing)

The Industry: Her thoughts

The Experience of Craftsy


Paper piecing​​

Suggestions for Other Guests

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