(Draft) Table of Contents for the Book


Part One: Learning from Quilting Projects

Improv Piecing

Sticking to the Pattern

Not Following the Pattern

Free Motion Quilting

Imperfect Quilting

Tools and Techniques

Unfun Triangles

Simple Quilts


Modern Quilting

Traditional quilting


Old quilts

Civil War reproductions

Hawaiian Quilts

Foundation Paper Piecing

Part Two:  Copyright Topics


A.  General Topics (through quilting concepts)

What is copyright?

Ideas versus Expression

Merger Doctrine/Blank Forms Rule

Main, Underlying, and Derivative

Building Blocks

Modern Quilting

Selection, Arrangement, and Coordination

Modicum of Creativity

Independent Creation

Copyright notice

Copyright Registration

Copyright Infringement

Notice and Take Down

Fair Use




Exclusive Rights

First Sale Doctrine

Transformative (fair) use versus Derivative Works


Pinterest and Other Inspirations


B.  Specific Issues

Copyright and Fabric

Building Blocks


Part Four:  Other Considerations

Endorsements versus sponsorships


Right of Publicity


Trade Secrets

Podcasting (Legal Questions)


Part Three:  The Interviews


Part Five:  Economics

The economics of Quilting

The economics of Copyright

The intersection:  the spectrum of activities

The ecosystem of quilting


Part Six: Communities, History, and Field trips

Strong House - A Quilting Retreat

Gee’s Bend

Houston Quilt Market

The Shops Along the Way




Part Seven: Nightly quilting - What I learned Along the Way

Just Wanna Quilt: An Immersive Research Project of Copyright

Podcast and Research Lab

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JWQ Shop and Long Army

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Quilting Army Krewe, LLC

Owner, Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Editor-in-Chief, Just Wanna Series, Ricardo Gonzalez

Inventory Quilt Project, Willow Olson

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