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Theresa McFarling 

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date June 2018

Theresa is part of "Quilt Your Own Adventure," and we've interviewed Shelly who is part of that.  Now Theresa comes to us.  Her goal is to win a blue ribbon at the Iowa state fair.  She also has designed a few patterns.

Here is her bio:

"I was bitten by the quilt bug nine years ago. I am a selflf-taught quilter, which mostly means I learn a lot through mistakes! I have progressed through machines, and find the most joy with my Janome 1600dp, which allows me to piece fast, admittedly because I myself have two speeds...on and off. As much as love piecing, my true love is applique.I love nothing more than hand appliqueing on a quiet evening. My goal for the last four years has been to win a blue ribbon at the Iowa State Fair! However, since joining the Des Moines Quilt Guild this year, I am discovering there are so many other ways to show my quilts! So...this goal may need to be edited! I have received a couple second place ribbons but it is not good enough! I need the blue! I am blessed with several friends that are also dedicated quilters, and we have just ventured into the quilting blog arena ( I see exicting quilting stuff on the horizon from us! We are a perfect storm of quilt goodness, complimenting each other with our strengths and areas of interest. The best part of quilting is pulling a finished quilt from the dryer, seeing the crinkled cottness, and snuggling down. Pure. Joy."





1960s folk song "One Tin Soldier"

No rotary cutters - Improv letters

It's a Small World - she'll talk it.

Gypsy Wife = she's done.  So, if we need advice, we'll come to you.

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