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Todd Purcell - Superior Thread

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date December 2017



We are going to learn about threads!  Todd took us through a lot of information about thread.  I'm hoping this is the first of a  number of conversations about threads, needles, tension, and other elements of quilting. Superior Threads has agreed to be one of our research partners!  Superior Threads is a leading thread company.


Check out the Thread Selection Guide .  Todd explains their lines including "King Tut" and "Masterpiece."  He explains how the thread is made, including what means "extra long staple."






The story of Superior Threads

Metalic thread

The role of education in building their business

Where do we begin with threads?

What is "extra long" staple in thread?

Explaining Egyptian grown cotton

Weight of thread:  40 versus 50 (thinner and for piecing)

Masterpiece for piecing (and when you don't want your quilting to be showing)

King Tut: shows more

Where the cotton comes from and the process of making thread

Distribution Center in St. George

Why Brand matters


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