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Two-Tone quilt


I received a present this year that was really super cool:  a quilting calendar with patterns!  So, it's May, and I'm making January's quilt.  I've altered the pattern a little.  I wanted it to be smaller.  But I took the concepts of the pattern and made it my own.  



- The calendar is copyrighted.  That's where the economics is -- in paying for the calendar.

- The images of the quilts are copyrighted.

- The patterns (the way the directions are expressed) are copyrighted, but the techniques and basic building blocks are not.

- The idea of a two-tone quilt with intersecting bars is not copyrightable.  Only the expression of that idea.

- My version holds a copyright.  It may be that the underlying work is protected by copyright.  Mine -- how I changed it, what I added to it, and the combination of the fabric used -- is also under copyright.  Does this matter?  Not really.  But I have a pride in ownership.


So, with this quilt, I'm trying to test out and try machine quilting on the new Juki 2010.  There are many books and videos to assist in learning.  I've decided not to quilt in the manner that was done in the picture, although I've practiced the puddles and have gotten better at that.  


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