Wendy Starn of Splendiferous Fiber

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date March  2018


Wendy is part of our quilting army.  She also is a fiber artist, and ALSO has great ideas for our  Houston Quilt Festival booth.

So, I was very excited to talk with her...






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 Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana (a.k.a. CFAL) https://www.facebook.com/ContemporaryFiberArtistsofLouisiana/ http://cfalart.blogspot.com/

https://public.fotki.com/wlstarn/ my online portfolio
https://www.facebook.com/SplendiferousFiber/ artist page
http://splendiferousfiber.blogspot.com/ sadly neglected blog (but I updated twice recently)
http://www.splendiferousfiber.etsy.com/ etsy shop


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