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Copyright Law: When it Matters

Copyright, trademark and other aspects of the laws that protect creativity are part of a larger economic system.  We have to think about when they matters, and when they don't.  We hope the Powerpoint below will help begin to help both the everyday quilter and the quilting industry together think about the role of law within the creativity rpocess.

So, when does it matter?

  • When there is money/economics involved (and that can be complicated)

  • When people care (think right of attribution)

  • When people are using others' works (and this can get complicated too)

  • When you publicly display or sell a work

  • When you take a class (e.g. purchase course materials)

So, when does it not matter?

  • When you make something for your personal use

  • When you make something original and don't care if others copy it

  • When it is out of copyright (that can get complicated)


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