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Why We Love Grace

1.  Affordable and scalable.  We bought the frame and system the first year and then added the automation the next. They are priced for the hobby market, but you can still use them for professional work.  They also make many of the frames, sewing systems, and automation for famous brands.  This is like the generic version without the extra cost.  

2.  Karla.  She's the one in the pictures and in the videos.  The first year I went to Houston Festival, I was on my own for a good part, and I spent a lot of time trying longarms, especially Grace.  Karla was soooo kind, never made me feel weird for spending so much time trying their machines, and each year has been supportive of our project and our journey.  She is the one that initially suggested we become vendors.














3.  They are really fun to use.  And we didn't go into debt to have a system.  And no more basting on the floor.  Ever.  And the ruler work is fun.  And QCT5 automation is easy to learn.  We are getting people up and running fast.

Screenshot 2019-12-04 22.42.42.png
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