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Xenia Cord - Legacy Quilts

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date December 2017



Xenia Cord will be inducted into the of the Quilters Hall of Fame in July 2018.  We will talk with her about just what the Quilters Hall of Fame is.  Xenia taught Folklore and American Studies at Indiana University.  She has explored and written about quilt history.  She produced Quilt America, a national quilt convention in Indianapolis.  She has also been part of the American Quilt Study Group, including serving as past president.  She is an advisory member of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.  She is also the founder of Midwest Fabric Study Group.  She is the owner of Legacy Quilts, an antique quilt brokerage company.​​​


Her work in American Studies and Folklore

Quilters Hall of Fame

The Experience of running Quilt America

Quilt History

Commercialization of Quilting Industry

Role of Museums

Antique Quilts - and Legacy Quilts

Reproduction Fabrics

What history teaches us

Building Blocks

American Quilt Study Group

Her thoughts on Modern Quilt movement

Favorite Quilts


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