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A two-day event for conversations

with scientists, sewists, entrepreneurs, industry, medical professionals, artists, and more.

Wednesday, June 17th and Saturday, June 20th

10 am - 3 pm on Zoom


Sewing * Culture * Artists* Science * Medicine * Entrepreneurship

Preserving the Past, Preparing for the Future


We've just lived through a moment in history: where the medical profession put out calls all over the United States for sewists to make masks. This Summit brings together the voices that were part of the homemade mask movement, to preserve the experiences, and at the same time, assess and plan for the future. What is science saying about how to keep our friends, colleagues, and families safe? What role do sewists now play as industry moves in to make masks? What does science say about how to make safe(r) homemade masks? We're gathering stories and science together for a two-day event.

The Just Wanna Quilt podcast has interviewed over 75 guests related to Covid-19. Each of our panelists have full-length interviews that you can listen to, which are linked on our website, Now, it is time for conversations. What we learned over the last three months, and where we go from here.

Just Wanna Quilt is proud to have the conference hosted by the Newcomb Institute, Tulane University, along with the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking, and the Albert Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Freeman School of Business. Just Wanna Quilt is a research project housed at the Copyright Research Lab @ Tulane University Law School, and now has a spin-out company, Quilting Army Krewe, LLC., who is our merchandise sponsor.

Special Thanks to Alexa Magyari whose interview with Just Wanna Quilt really started it all, and Tal Sherman, Whitney Chatmon, and Bailey Barnett, who rock. Our Community Partners are also so key including Mask Making Coalition, Million Masks a Day, Quilting on a Budget, the Quilt Alliance, and many more!


+ "Thank you Sewists" Giveaway. By signing up to attend, you can enter our giveaway! When you sign up for the conference, you'll be given an option to also enter the giveaway. Go to Just Wanna Quilt's website to learn more about the prizes and rules.

Giveaway Sponsors include

Quilting Army Krewe

Havel's Sewing

The Warm Company

The Grace Company


Christa Watson Quilts

Irene and Lewis

What's Your Stitch


Quiltmaker Magazine

The Sewing Doc

among others...


Our Preservation Mission:

We're working with the Newcomb Institute to preserve the stories of the Spring 2020 and our efforts to make masks. We invite groups and individuals to apply to deposit photos, documents, lists, and patterns, and other elements that will help people in the future understand what we did and are still doing.

We are also working with the Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine to request that they capture Facebook groups so that our conversations are preserved as part of the record.

We also support the work of the Quilt Alliance, who is capturing individual stories. We encourage you to go to their Facebook page and tell your story. Go to "Come Tell Your Story."

Our Science Meets Sewing Mission

As part of the Summit, we want a dialogue with the scientists about the masks we make, and potentially testing samples. We have a number of studies that demonstrate that there is a disconnect between the sewing community and the tests the scientists are conducting. We would like to work to bridge that gap.


After the conference, Whitney Chatmon, Becky Blank, Elizabeth Townsend Gard and Joyceln Songer worked together to produce the following infographic, which was distributed through social media and online.  June 2020

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