Meet Some of Our Quilting Army bloggers

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

We're doing the 31 Day Blog Challenge by Cheryl Sleboda at Just Wanna Quilt.

Day 1: Introduction. Hew are a few of our most amazing Quilting Army bloggers:

Sarah Goer:

"This is my third year participating in Cheryl’s 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge."

Melanie McNeil (part of our own blogging team):

"You can find it at . I haven't posted much this year while going through breast cancer treatment. My blog focuses on quilting and creativity, not personal matters, so it wasn't (IMO) an appropriate topic to spend much time on. I am an expert on medallion quilts and have MANY MANY tutorials and posts on them. I love the way they can be in any style. I love SO much about medallion quilts!! My favorite way to design them is from the inside out, design-as-you-go. It's like having a new gift to open all the time."

Kathy Bruckman:

"I posted mine on my blog today"

Karen Klamczynski: (part of our new QA blogging team)

"where why and when...Well, I blog at FireballQuilts com, which is generously hosted on my friend's domain, ChunkyBoy com. I left out the "dots" there because I want Facebook to pick up my newest post link at bottom of this comment. I started the blog as my quilting diary. It has come in handy to remind me of what I've done (and how I did it!). I have not blogged much over the last 1-2 years, but I will try to get into a regular posting habit again. I have a backlog of things to blog about, so it isn't a lack of topics. It's time, really. It is a contradiction to want to blog about quilting but not take time away from quilting to blog. I used to prioritize blogging to the detriment of quilting time, and then the pendulum swung all the way to the other side. I'll see if I can't get the pendulum moving at a better pace! While I'm not on the 31-day challenge, I did take the cue from the challenge to write a post and get started. So, here is a post about a pitfall of procrastination (how apropos!)."

Mary Ann Hutchinson: I joined the challenge and here is my blog. (part of our new QA blogging team)

Camille Ainsworth (also part of our new QA blogging team)

"I also joined the challenge. I haven't quilted and haven't blogged that much but find it nice to say what I'm doing if anyone wants to read about it."

Kathryn Trask:

"I blog at Kathryn Quilts. I have it to keep a record of what I make and when - more or less. I usually only post two or three times a month. The challenge sounds great but then I'd have to stop sewing long enough to post!

Nann Blaine Hilyard:

"Tomorrow is the 12th anniversary of my blog. I primarily document my quilting but I also include an informal record of what I've been doing. I post travelogs from our Road Scholar trips and an occasional book review."

Heather Maxwell Chandler:

"I am doing the challenge. I used to blog quite a bit years ago, but took a hiatus. I figured this challenge would help me get back in the habit again. My blog is at"

Debra Davis: "

I have been blogging for several years. It has evolved over time as my quilting has changed from a hobby to a business. I mainly use it now to share tips and host my sew alongs. I am doing the challenge to be more intentional about blogging.

Beth Hennen Strand: (part of our new QA blogging team)

"I posted mine... right under the wire which is, I admit just kind of me!"

Linda Newman:

" I blog at Past blogs have mainly involved quilting but also books."

Kathleen Scargle McCormick: