Hi, everyone! Here’s my introductory post on the Just Wanna Quilt blog. Yea! My name is Ann Wasserman. I live in Evanston, IL, just north of Chicago, on the shores of Lake Michigan. I quilt and sew as a profession.

--Lighten Up!side Down. Self-portrait, except that I can’t do cartwheels. Using fabrics inherited from a quilting friend’s stash, remembering and dedicated to her joy. 41" x 42". 2001.

My two main activities in the quilt world are repairing antique/vintage quilts and making art quilts.  I also repair vintage clothing for a friend who has an Etsy shop. I enjoy embroidering blocks for the Social Justice Sewing Academy, and participating in local repair clinics (community sessions teaching people to repair reusable items).

When Elizabeth interviewed me on the podcast a while back, she asked if in doing my repair business I’d come across any quilts that might be copyrightable. She also asked how many quilts are signed, since we keep being told how important it is to sign and date our quilts. I’ve since gone through my stack of paperwork, and here are the stats:

In nearly 30 years of doing this on my own (I did some through a shop at first), I’ve worked on 398 quilts!!! I sure was surprised at the size of that number!

Of those:

22 are dated

18 are signed (sometimes with just initials)

60 are heirlooms that also include family stories and photos of the makers

--On a pair of twin size quilts....

...with a block I’ve never seen before, a cute little cabin and pine tree.

--Indigo and white baskets. 1888.

--Improved 9-patch. The great-granddaughter of the quilter br