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Inventory Quilt and Cleaning

295 days remaining of sabbatical

We got back from Quilt Market. Regrouping. Still working on that, but slowly, slowly. And so, as a treat, I started an Inventory Quilt. I found I had about 20 fabrics that were red -- all under a yard. Some scraps. I decided to do a Tumbler Quilt, using the Accuquilt Die. Accuquilt is one of our sponsors for our Inventory Quilt project.

I sewed them in a straight line. Hated it. So, decided to make it into a circle. Takes 13 tumblers. And now I'm practicing turning them under 1/4 inch, and using a basic buttonhole stitch to appliqué into a whole cloth. One done. Now trying to figure out what to do next. It could be an inventory of the shapes as well as the colors? Not sure yet.

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For more, see our page about the Inventory Quilt Project


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