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Our Studios - Day 2

So, we put up pics of our studios for the Second Day of Cheryl's 31 Day Blog Challenge. Here's what we got! This time Mary Ann Hutchinson was first to post.

She shared her sewing space on her blog: She writes that her "whole house . is a she-shed." I like that way of thinking.

Mary Ann Hutchinson's (one of many) workspaces.

We had 36 comments on studios.

Megan Patent-Nygren: "Let's be real. It's chaos, but beautiful things emerge from it." Totally.

Patty Markely, Kathy Joyce Fullmer, Camille Ainsworth, Debra Davis, Jo-Anne Vandermay, Wendy Starn, Cee El Cee, Christa Watson, Carole Lancon, and Stephanie Kucera Jacobson all posted pics.

And I did too:

This is our old dining room table. And the colorful bins have grown. There's a cutting mat under there somewhere. And the garbage can was added at the insistence of Judy Walker. The project is a panel that's I'm trying to figure out what to do with, as part of our Inventory Quilt Project. This is about as neat as it gets. It's so hard to keep under control. I am the opposite of Christa Watson.

Christa Watson's studio.


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