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Why We Became Grace Vendors

Quilting Army Krewe is an official Grace Company dealerr. We're even on the website!

So, why? Well, they asked. Grace has been supportive of our project from the beginning, and we've been using a Grace Q'Nique system for about 1 1/2 years now, including automation that we added this year. They are affordable, and they are also the company that makes the systems for other companies. They are like the generic label or no-frills. And I love it. Joel Sellers, Gigi Baay and Judy Walker have all been working with the Grace machines too.

We get to experience vending. We support the project. And help people get into an affordable longarm. We are also starting a Just Wanna Longarm Club, which will focus on all kinds of things related to creativity and entrepreneurship.

So, we did it. We got the website revamped. We got up and running. And we're on the verge on making our first two sales. The last time I sold something I was 16 and working at Macy's. I think I actually bought more than I made! So, here's to vending!

If you are interested in these systems, we know a bit. Email Elizabeth - or message me through Facebook or our website.

DECEMBER: Grace has deals where when you buy a Q'nique system, you get a free frame. So, if you are thinking about a machine, move up your timeline. It's like $1500-2500 savings. Huge. We're thinking of getting a second machine (the 19) because of the deal. But it ends on December 31. So, seriously.


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