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What is Quilt Law?

Quilt law is a resource center for quilters, knitters, crafters, and other creatives. 

  • Basic Intellectual Property and Entrepreneur Information and Why It Matters

  • Books for every level:  Quilters and Industry Professionals

  • Workshops, lessons, and workshops for individuals, groups, and guilds (coming in 2020)

  • Devoted Podcast Episodes (coming in 2020)

We want you to learn the law.  Be empowered.  Make strong creativity choices.  Protect your business.

When you purchase our books, you are automatically enrolled in free workshops for that topic.  We are also offering paid one-on-one tutoring trademark sessions.  (These are learning  sessions, and not legal advice or  attorney-client sessions.)

Books Now Available ​at



Just Wanna Trademark: Legal DIY

We think this is the most important book we've written so far.  Every business--big  or small should be applying for a federal trademark for their company name and/or important products.  The process can be done on your own.  We walk you through it in this book.  And if you need a lawyer, we can strategize with you on how to find one. Why is it important?  Hashtags. Now that hashtags are so important as source identifiers, you want to be able to claim territory on that, and if necessary have competitors or others refrain from using your trademark as a source identifier. The only powerful way to do that is to register your  Mark.   How much does the process cost?  $225 to register your mark with the U.S. Government, and right now, we've priced the Just Wanna Trademark book at $50.  You learn a skill that you can use over and over, both for yourself and your friends. 

A Little Bit of Copyright for Quilters

This a short, concise basic understanding of copyright for those who love to quilt. To purchase, click here.








Just Wanna Quilt Notebook

My favorite, this book helps your document your quilting progress, including your ideas, threads used, patterns used, and how the quilt was quilted.  This also includes copyright information for each quilt, along with rights statements.  Document your work.    


Pre-Order for January 2020


Books Now Available ​at

Just Wanna Patent

Have a great idea?  Want to see if it is possible?  This book helps you take the first step. Click here to pre-order.

Just Wanna Create: Copyright and Fair Use

This is a book for artists, quilters, and other creatives to understand both how to protect your works, and how to understand fair use in copyright, trademark, and right of publicity. Click here to pre-order.

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