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Just Wanna Quilt Podcast Guests


Amy Aderman, Sales Rep for Jaftex

Camille Ainsworth

Susan Ainsworth Smith

Lauren Anderson

Rob Appell

Jeannette Ashleigh

Shelly Ast

Patricia Aufderheide

Ellen Ault


GiGi Baay

Andi Barney of Red Hen Stitch Shop

Ann Bartow

Mel Beach

Olivia Beatty

Sara Benson

Kathy and Helen Bowler

Barbara Brackman

Gail Berry-Graham

Laura Bickford

Rachel Bishop

Susan Bleiweiss

Susan Blexrud

Natalia Bonner

Deborah Boschert

Amy Bradley, Purple Pineapple Studio

Emily Breedlove

Bonnie Browning



Sam Cambridge

Jeff Caplan , Craftoptics

Dora Cary, Orange Dot Quilts

Pam Cobb

Xenia Cord

Phillipa Core

Lorrie Cranor

Maureen Collins, quilter and law professor

Emma Connolly at Uptown Needle and Craft

Tsoniki Crazy Bull, quilter and podcaster

Joe Cunningham 



Leah Day , "Hello My Quilting Friends"

Deb DeChant

Julie Der Brodersen

Aasta Deth, The Stencil Company 

Jenny Doan , Missouri Star Quilt

Carolanne Donovan , Sweet Carolanne

Julia Driscoll, quilter and librarian 

Patty Dudek



Eileen Emberger

Kristin Esser



Dave Fagundes

Deborah Fisher

Jeanette Floyd, quilter

Karen Flournoy

Marianne Fons

Mary Fons

Brian Frye

Scott Fortunoff, Jaftex



Jacquelyn Gering

Hayley Foster Gray

Candyce Copp Grisham

Edith Gross, Quilting Plus

AJ Grossman



Seth Hackler, Quilting on a Budget (FB)

Mattie Rhodes Haines, Quiltsmart

Colleen Haraden-Gorski

Pat Harrison

Hello Stitch Studio

Laura Henneberry

Dawn Heese

Jeanne Hewell-Chambers, 70,272 Project

Becky Hill

Tina Hilton, Turtle Hand Batiks

Vicky Holloway

Chris Hoover, Whirligigdesigns

Anna Maria Horner

Raymond Houston

Sam Hunter






Tony Jacobson

Pam Johnson

Sandra Scheiber Johnson

Andrea Tsang Jackson



Stephanie Kendron, Modern Sewciety

Emily Keown

Maddie Kertay, Badass Quilters Society

Chawne Kimber

Lyric Kinard

Jake Kleiner, Paper Pieces

JoAn Knight

Heather Kubiak, attorney and quilter



Dorothy Lanahan, Project Wool

Elizabeth Lesher

Georgina Lewis

Mary Lillico

Michelle Lindsey

Anita Loscalzo

Patrick Lose

Megan Lundgren

Jenny Lyon


Michael Madison

Misty-Anne Marold

Ben Marshall

Mary Mata, Mi Munda de Telas

Michael McCormick

Theresa McFarling

Melanie McNeil

Amy Meissner

Katja Marek

Karen Miller

Tara Miller

Amy Milne, Quilt Alliance

Lee Chappell Monroe 

Joan Murphy

Karen Klamczynski Moore



Kelly Nagel,  Sulky

Kathee Nelson

Amy Newbold, Sewtopia

Judel Niemeyer, Quiltworxs


Gina Olive

Willow Olson

Laura Oswald

Karen Overland



Megan Patent-Nygren

Nina Paley

Janice Peachey , quilter

Cely Pedescleaux

Daniel Pellish

Dawn Pereira , Warm Company 

Becky Tillman Peterson & Rachael Woodard

Vicki Phillips

Jessica Plunkett

Karlee Porter 

Virginia Postrel 

Todd Purcell , Superior Threads




Chris Reed

Darci Reed

Amy Reitzel

Jill Repp, June Tailor, Inc.

Dave Riba

Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr

Lynn Rinehart

Bob Ruggiero , Quilts, Inc.

Lisa Ruble of Paintbrush Studios



Patty Sawyer

Sylvia Schaefer, Flying Parrots Quilts

Erica Shockey

Joel Sellers

Carrie Shelby

Maria Shell 

Swan Amity Sheridan

Kathy Shier

Jessica Silby 

Cheryl Sleboda, Muppin/Sew Much Cosplay

Brenda Gael Smith

Kim Soper

Wendy Starn

Sherry Songhurst, Piece Corps

Christopher Sprigman

Anna Marie Sulilvan 


Ruth Kitchin Tillman 

Janna Thomas

Rebecca Tushnet

Sara Trail, Social Justice Sewing Academy

Cindy Turnbow, The Stencil Company

Holice Turnbow

Andrea Turner



Eileen Urbanek




Jessica Vector


Ann Wasserman

Andrea Wraalstad

Christa Watson

Leonie and Bill West, Westley Design s

Judy Walker and Jill Elliot, quilters

Pam Weeks

Shelly Weeks

Jo Westfoot

Sally Williams

Angie Wilson, Gnome Angel 

Vanessa Vargas Wilson, Crafty Gemini

Yvonne Wilson

Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Sherri Lynn Wood

Teresa Duryea Wong







Jayna Zweiman












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